Nicolas Chase is a freelance professional photographer located in Brooklyn, NY. He is the in-house photographer for bkONE productions, recording exciting events hosted at the Tom Kane theater and around the Industry City Campus. His images have been featured on the websites of local businesses including Owl's Head Yoga and Tacos Por Favor.
Nicolas holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Brooklyn College, CUNY. Prior to graduating in 2018, Nicolas successfully completed three internships as a Jeannette K. Watson Fellow. His time as a fellow was spent playtesting mobile augmented reality game-play with guests at the American Museum of Natural History, developing natural language acquisition pairs for IBM Watson AI, and delivering refurbished information technology & peripherals to non-profits in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with SOLS 24/7.
After graduating, Nicolas coordinated the Reading Partners NYC Literacy Intervention Center at PS 171 supporting more than 60 Kindergarten - Grade 4 students attain their literacy goals. During the COVID-19 quarantine, he joined the (then) brand new Transfer Student Success Team as a remote academic coach. Nicolas was first point of contact for hundreds of Brooklyn College students as they all worked towards achieving their academic goals, maneuver obstacles and pitfalls, and how to maximize their time as a Brooklyn College student.

artistic approach video coming soon!
- Nic, 12/12