1. Images will be delivered no sooner than 72 hours after appointment AND payment submission.
2. Final products will be delivered digitally, unmarked, via Adobe Portfolio, addressed to the email of your preference.
3. As a matter of artistic consistency and creative integrity, please do not repurpose the final product(s). 
To ‘repurpose’ is to: a) Apply filters, b) Edit, c) Crop/recrop, d) Color adjust, Or e) in any way alter the image(s)
{ Q: Why is this a term? }
{ A: I LOVE that you love your photo(s) and encourage you to share it/them! As a business, it is important that clients have confidence that the product they will receive is the product that I produced. An image that has been changed after final delivery is still a product that you love, though it is no longer the product created by my studio. If you wish to have color or tonal variations of a particular image, I am capable of making those edits for a reasonable additional fee. }
4. Additional revisions will be considered post-delivery for a reasonable additional fee.
5. Terms subject to change.